Search for Grossman Families

by Joe Seidler
San Francisco Bay Area, CA

I am related to a Jewish Grossman family that settled in Baltimore in the early 1900's.
There are other Jewish Grossman families in the U.S. that have not been connected yet.
My Grossmans came from small towns where SW Ukraine, Bessarabia and Romania met.
I am looking for information that might connect some of these Grossman families to each other.
We believe our name may have been Groisser before coming to America.
The Descendant Reports below show the families I have found.

If you can add information or have any questions, please email me:
[this page was last updated: 8/24/13]

Grossman Descendant Reports:
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Jacob & Tillie Grossman

Detroit / Los Angeles:
Samuel & Eva Grossman

Rock Island, IL:
Leizer & Udele Grossman

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