Margrit and Adriano's 2004 Visit

Marcia greets Margrit in the airport

Marcia, Margrit and Anh take Kayla and Ryan for a walk

Margrit visits Jason and Gina in Jack London Square

Jody greets Adriano in the usual way... while Jason and Neil look on

Fun in the backyard before dinner with the Yewells, et al

Kayla likes her Swiss family

Kayla has fun with Adriano and Margrit

Stephen works while Margrit and Jody play

Who knew strawberrys grew on trees?

It's like back in high school again

Jason, Marcia and Adri

The Maninis and Seidlers visit Sonoma and Napa Valley:

Margrit Visits the Farmer's Market in Los Altos...

while Adriano kayaks with Jason...

and rock climbs with Stephen

Everyone celebrates Stephen and Anh's 3rd Anniversary

Ciao Margrit and Adriano

2003 in Rome

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